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Christadelphians base their beliefs and conduct solely on the Bible, and as far as possible organise their ecclesias (the Greek word in the Bible usually translated churches) along the lines of 1st Century ecclesias who were guided by the Apostles who were in turn inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Christadelphians see their walk to the Kingdom of God as a revival of true Apostolic teaching in a form uncorrupted by non-Biblical teachings and practices that crept into the various Christian communities in the centuries following the death of the Apostles. In accordance with this Apostolic example they have no paid ministers or pastors, and male members voluntarily share in various duties such as speaking, praying, teaching, and conducting the weekly breaking of bread meetings, Bible classes and Bible talks. The Sunday school classes are run by both male and female members.

Ecclesias are autonomous and are not governed by any central authority. They do, however, meet on the basis of belief in a common statement of faith, considered an essential element of fellowship, along with baptism by full immersion. Ecclesias meet in one another's homes or halls which may be rented or owned. Running costs, preaching activities, missionary work, and helping the needy are funded by members, and the public is not asked to contribute. Literature and Bible courses are provided to interested people free of any charge.The task of teaching the Gospel throughout the world is regarded as an essential element of service to God.