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How do Christadelphians organise themselves?

There are various committees for organising missionary work and the care of our sick, elderly and lonely members. We have offices in a few countries for publishing magazines and books. However, we have no paid ministers and no priests (the Lord Jesus Christ, who is now in heaven, is the only priest – through him baptized believers confess their sins in prayer and are forgiven).

Christadelphians have no central organisation, but members throughout the world share the same beliefs, hope and way of life and this binds them together as a community. The work of the community is financed by money given voluntarily by members.

Each ecclesia chooses its own elders, usually by voting once a year. Those who are chosen serve the ecclesia in various duties, such as secretary, treasurer, steward or chairing meetings, and they are not paid for their work. Christadelphians do not build large, elaborate church buildings. Of course, some ecclesias do own their hall or room for meeting, but others meet in houses, or rent village halls or rooms in schools.

The Same Beliefs

Christadelphians read and study their Bibles. They believe and fully accept all of its teaching as essential for salvation. It is acceptance of true Bible teaching that shows men and women the need to be baptised into the saving name of Jesus Christ It also shows them the need to follow Jesus’ example of Godly behaviour as they await his return to the earth and the establishing of the kingdom of God.

These are the things that bind Christadelphians together.
“There is one body … one Lord, one faith, one baptism.”
(Ephesians 4:4, 5)