Christadelphian Beliefs

22. Immortal life for true believers
Believers who are made immortal will serve the Lord Jesus on the earth and, under him, will rule the mortal people. These saints will enjoy perfect health and happiness while they teach the mortal people about God and make the earth a wonderful place, preparing it for God Himself to live with people.

Psalm 37:9-11,22, Isaiah 35, Daniel 7:27, Revelation 20:4

23. Angels are God’s messengers
God made the angels to be His servants forever. They never sin, die nor marry. They always carry out God’s will and watch over true believers (saints).

Exodus 23:20-21, Psalm 34:7, Psalm 103:20, Luke 20:34-36, Hebrews 1:13,14

24. The Devil and Satan
We are tempted to sin by our own desires. The term ‘devil’ describes human sinfulness. The word ‘satan’ means adversary and can refer to a good or bad opponent. ‘Satan’ can be used to describe anything opposed to God, including anything sinful. There is no evil angel or all-powerful being that makes people do evil.

Matthew 16:23, John 8:44, Acts 10:38, James 1:14