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We Christadelphians (a name derived from Greek and meaning Brethren in Christ) are a world-wide group of followers of the Lord Jesus who base our worship and belief solely on the Bible, and as far as possible follow the way of Christ as taught by Him and by the Apostles inspired by the Holy Spirit in the 1st Century.

We consider it essential to arrive at a true understanding of the Bible through carefully comparing Scripture with Scripture and in this way allowing the Bible to interpret itself as opposed to relying on interpretations adopted from uninspired writers who lived during the centuries since the death of the Apostles no matter how revered these uninspired writers might be nor no matter what academic qualifications they might have achieved.

We believe that false teachings spread throughout the early church relatively soon after the death of the Apostles, and despite the Reformation, many of these false teachings still exist today. It is our belief that it is essential to identify these false teachings and exclude them from our belief, worship, and life in Christ.